The name shall be The Walsingham Association (TWA).


The purpose of The Walsingham Association is to bring together nationally and locally all who have a devotion to Our Lady of Walsingham at the National Shrine.


The aims of The Walsingham Association are to: support the National Shrine both spiritually and financially, and partake in and encourage pilgrimage to the Shrine.


Membership is by payment of an annual subscription and shall be open to all who have devotion to Our Lady of Walsingham.

Benefits of Membership

Sharing: in the daily Masses at the Shrine, in special Masses offered around the country for members and their families, and in the daily prayers of all members.

Members will also receive regular Association Magazines.


Governance shall be by a National Executive Committee, based on policy & business recommendations of the AGM. The Executive Committee shall consist of the National Chairman (who will serve for 2 years), Vice-Chairman, Shrine Council Representative and 4 elected members. These shall be elected by members who attend the Annual General Meeting and will serve as follows. A Vice-Chairman (who will automatically succeed as Chairman after 2 years, or earlier if necessary), Shrine Council Representative (every 2 years, who may be re-elected for a further term of two years), 4 elected members (elected for 2 years, with a further term of office possible. Nominations for an election shall be in writing and have the agreement of the nominee and be received by the National Secretary not less than six weeks prior to the date of AGM. Members with special expertise may be co-opted as necessary. (The Shrine Rector and the National Secretary are ex officio and non-voting members). The quorum for meetings shall be 3 voting members of the Committee.). In the event of the National Chairman, the National Vice-Chairman or the Shrine Council Representative being unable to complete or undertake their term of office The Executive Committee shall have the authority to make the appropriate arrangements.

The Association shall meet nationally at least once a year for its Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Walsingham. Any paid up member shall have the right to vote – having let the National Secretary know of their intention to attend, three weeks in advance of the meeting. At the AGM, the policies and business of the Association will be determined and/or reviewed. Reports will be received from: – the Shrine Rector, National Secretary, Shrine Council Representative and Executive Committee.

The National Secretary shall keep a register of members of the Association, and after liaison with the Executive Committee shall approve or otherwise, the setting up of local groups. Guidelines for the setting up of these groups are available from the National Secretary.

Members shall send an annual subscription to the National Secretary. The subscription shall be determined from time to time by a simple majority vote of members present at the AGM.

Individuals who have contributed in an outstanding manner to the Association may be invited to become Honorary Life Members of the Association, by way of thanks and recognition.


The Association may at any time be dissolved, if approved by a simple majority of members present at the AGM or any meeting convened to discuss this. At least six weeks’ notice must be given to all members of such a resolution and meeting. The approval of the Shrine Council must also be obtained.

Any proposals to amend these guidelines will be put to the AGM for consideration, having been received by the National Secretary at least six weeks before the meeting.